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  1. Runyon ONLY
    I have 3 alto mouthpieces. Using the mouthpiece and reed alone, I can produce a pitch of A5 on 2 of them. But on my Runyon Custom #6, I can't go below 6C, and I can easily play 6D. The standard recommendation is that a good tone quality is achieved when the mouthpiece pitch is A5 (see links...
  2. High School and College
    Hey all! I'm writing this post because I'm on winter break and just wanted a few opinions before I address my professor with my thoughts. So two semesters ago I found out I was biting too hard. I had a mouthpiece pitch of a C instead of the ideal A. So I sorta fixed it by dropping my jaw and...
  3. Alto mpc
    I have a trevor james The Horn i recently bought a vandoren optimum al4 mouthpiece and play on vandoren classic 2 reeds. Since ive bought the new mouthpiece i have struggled tounging the notes above high Eb when buying the mouthpiece the store did say there might be a problem with the sax as...
  4. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    What are some good mouthpiece exercises? I'm trying to improve my intonation and being able to play the range of the alto without biting. Biting excluded, the highest pitch I can currently manage to produce on the mouthpiece is a concert E.
  5. Bb Soprano
    I picked up the school's soprano a few days ago and have found it impossible to play the palm keys. It's a well-regulated Yamaha YSS-62 so the horn isn't the issue. When I play alto it is impossible for me to play the palm keys without biting and suffering the pain later on. On an alto...
1-5 of 5 Results