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  1. Alto mpc
    Saw this Tim McAllister mouthpiece produced by Hawkins & Backun on Kessler's website. Anyone played it yet? Sounds like it just came out recently.
  2. Alto mpc
    Hi, I was wondering what alto mouthpiece this is, and what it is good at. My mother used to play on it, but she doesn't play the saxophone anymore. Also, is this the original ligature? And what about the cap? Thanks!
  3. Alto mpc
    I recently changed my mouthpiece from yamaha 4c to Meyer 5m. I use vandoren 2.5 reeds (blue box). When i tried the new mouthpiece, there's this buzzy, edgy effect to my tone. is that normal? when i play on the neck alone i don't hear it but when i play the full horn its there. (sounds like im...
  4. Alto mpc
    Greensleeves -subtone- The sound of this saxophone is very similar to that of P.Desmond!!!!!!! VERY GOOD!!!!! Is this Otto Link Rubber? and Ligature.....?
  5. Alto mpc
    Received in US after only two weeks from order, the new hard rubber design which replaces Phil's Babbitt-Meyer reworks. Mine is a 6 = .076". It seals well to reed, is easy to blow, and finish is as outstanding as one expects from Phil's reputation and experience. I'm using Java Red 2.5 with a...
  6. Alto mpc
    I've been playing alto for two years now, I've been using V16 A5 and a size 3 reed but I want to get a harder sound for rock and that stuff. I'm planning on getting the A55 and size 2 reeds, but I am still afraid it might be too hard to control and blow for me. Can anyone that used an A55 give...
  7. Alto mpc
    I've been playing saxophone for about 5 years. I'm in 11th grade now, but a couple things are bothering me to an extreme extent... The first problem is that my sound, itself, isn't where I feel it should be. It isn't full or big. Altissimo is also extremely hard for me to hit dispite my 5 years...
  8. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hi, one of my mouthpieces that I have been using lately has been a Metal Meyer alto. It's started being harder to blow through and I'm working on dropping my jaw to get a bigger tone. Since my tone is more brighter, is there a way to get a "fatter" tone through that mouthpiece. Thanks!
  9. Eb Alto
    I got an alto mouthpiece from an avid collector, but he had just got it and didn't tell me anything about it or any history on it. I can't find anything on the web about it, and I'm hoping you guys could educate me. I have a C4 Cashion alto mouthpiece. Would love some help, thanks!
  10. Alto mpc
    Hi, I have been playing sax for 3 years. I think now is a good time for me to upgrade my setup. I will be purchasing new sax, and would like new gear to match it. The sax I will likely get is a YANY A901. In the mpc setup, I would like a dark sound, a bit darker, but just as jazzy as Eric...
  11. Alto mpc
    Hello all, I got a question for you guys. I recently got an SR Technologies mouthpiece, and man, it's the most killin mouthpiece I've ever played on. It's made out of polycarbonate resin, which is similar to the material that they use in bullet-proof windows and such. So my question is, do I...
  12. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Im just wondering which mouth piece would best suit a beginner with a 1972 buescher aristocrats alto. Bari esprit .065 ($16.52), Bari esprit II ($13.99), or Yamaha 4c ($28.07). Thanks for any information, love this site!
  13. Buescher
    First post, New to SOTW. I recently purchased from eBay a 1972 alto buescher aristocrat serial # 571xxx for $213 plus $32 shipping. I was wondering if this is a good sax, claims to have new pads and new corks, excellent playing condition. I don't want to compare it to pre Selmer buyout pro horns...
  14. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    I'm using a plastic Buescher mouthpiece at this point. I play mostly smooth jazz and pop. Is there something that could get me a more contemporary sound without going too dreadfully out of tune? I like sweet tone or bright tone, nothing woofy or stuffy. And will the size make a diff in how it...
1-14 of 37 Results