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  1. Eb Alto
    So I've been playing in HS since 4th grade and am possible going to get an upgrade from my bundy ii this april. I've got my heart set on the JeanPaul AS400, which seems to be a phenomenal intermediate horn, especially at the pricepoint. That comes with everything I would, but eventually I'd like...
  2. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Hello everyone, Could anyone help me identify those mouthpieces? The seller is saying they are made in Germany but didn't give other infos on them. I bought a Keilwerth new king with a very similar ligature as those in the picture. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  3. Tenor mpc
    This is a great playing piece, but can't identify brand and value. S Series is the only marking & the blue round bite plate. Any ideas on this. Thanks for any help.
  4. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    Hello everyone, I have three mouthpieces for my tenor, and all three of them have significantly different sized bores. One is 3D printed (smallest bore), the one I use the most (and exclusively because its all the cork will accept right now) is a C* soloist (medium) and the third is my jazz...
  5. Tenor mpc
    Hello everyone, I'm a tenor sax player in High school (7 years), and I currently play on a Yamaha YTS-62 with a Cstar mouthpiece (3 reeds, might try a hard one soon). From what (little) I understand, the Cstar is great for concert playing, but now I'm starting to get into jazz playing (I'm the...
  6. Bb Soprano
    Hello there! I'm new here and looking for advice! Me and and my high school quartet have decided to take on david maslankas "songs for the coming day". It is peice that will require a lot of control, a lot of dynamic control and intonation control. Right now I'm stuck with a Yamaha 4c, it's...
  7. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    There is a MP listed on ebay as a "Dave Guardarla". I wonder if the misspelling was done purposely to mislead one into thinking that they are getting an actual "Dave Guardala". I am no MP expert but this one does not look to be authentic. Any thoughts? Should the Sax community be aware of this...
1-7 of 7 Results