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  1. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Hi there, Has anyone tried Ted's model alto mouthpiece? Apparently it came out a few months ago. Perhaps it is the refinement to the classic alto mouthpiece model. Ted mentioned that the new model (Ted Klum Model Alto) has a more consistent baffle compared to Classic Alto Mouthpiece. It is made...
  2. Baritone mpc
    I have been considering a mouthpiece change for the last year or so, and two pieces that keep coming up on my list are the Morgan 8J (no longer in production) and “The Vintage” by Morgan. Aside from the fact that the 8J is hard rubber and the “Vintage” is resin, what similarities or differences...
  3. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    All of these mouthpieces are acclaimed all-rounders with similar characteristics, so my question to you is simply which one YOU prefer, and if you've compared it with some of the other pieces in any way. NOTE: Regarding the Morgan MLL, both the 'Jazz' and 'Excalibur' versions counts, and that's...
1-3 of 51 Results