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  1. Training Material
    Hi :) I've been getting some requests lately to create some new tools for learning the scales. When you're just getting started it can be a bit of a hassle learning them, since beginners are usually also still struggling with embouchure, posture, etc all at the same time. So I designed an Ebook...
  2. Practicing
    Does anyone have a pdf they can email me for a Pentatonic Scale for Alto Saxophone? I'm looking for one that i can print out and set on my stand to practice, stating different scales for the different key's i'll be playing in. I have a Major Pentatonic Scale sheet (see attached) just needing...
  3. Misc. Styles
    I am looking for some really sad saxophone songs. I play tenor so some songs for tenor would be best but I'll try anything. Also, I don't care if they are solos from popular songs or semi-classical or classical. That brings up some other questions: What makes a song sound sad? It is it just...
1-3 of 3 Results