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  1. YouTube videos
    Hey everyone! Here are some videos of my middle school jazz band from our performance at a jazz festival this past Friday. I hope you dig them! When listening, remember the fact that they are ages 11, 12, and 13! (no written solos here!!) Sesame Street Harlem Nocturne Black Orpheus
  2. High School and College a middle school jazz band? Oh I think yes!! Here are the other recordings of my middle school jazz band from a jazz festival this past Friday. Opener is "Summertime," 2nd tune is "All of Me," and the closer is "Whiplash." Summertime: All of Me: Whiplash is at top of post Let me...
  3. Teaching
    I've been teaching for a couple years now, and I have two middle school students who will be playing at solo and ensemble this year. Since I was more advanced when I began lessons, my first solo that I worked on was Chasson et Passepied. I am unfamiliar with easier repertoire. I am looking for...
1-3 of 3 Results