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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I recently purchased a Singer's Day bari after playing a Yamaha YBS-52, that I borrowed from a Jr High School, for 6 years. I'm having trouble with the middle-D on my brand new instrument. I suspect it has to do with the cork under the thumbed octave key (seems tapered on the side that doesn't...
  2. Practicing
    Hi all, I just learnt the short fingering of middle D by pressing the middle palm key (C2) only. Yet, though it's the short fingering, I found it's sound is quite different from the original middle D. So is this short fingering equal to alternate fingering? And when to use it? Thanks! :) Ryan
  3. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Okay, I get the potential difficulty of slurring from octave key A down to a "correct-sounding" middle D (octave key, three left-hand keys and three right-hand keys down) if the player has a lazy left-hand G fingering, (L3). All this has to do with the transition from the neck-octave pip to the...
  4. Selmer (Paris)
    I just bought this Mark VI 193*** a few days ago for 4G and I go away for a couple weeks specifically for Saxophone Buisness tomorrow. I've been told to watch out for Mark VI's between 170 and 200 because some were hit and miss and this is definitely a hit. The guy who sold it to me took it was...
1-4 of 4 Results