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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Musician Friends: use the utmost caution when shipping large instruments via USPS. I shipped my personal Mark VI Baritone Sax via USPS from an APO to my KY address. It took 42 days to arrive; 27 of those days it was considered "lost." Evidently, it was mishandled in Hebron, KY, and incorrectly...
  2. Cases
    I just bought a Manning case for my bari, and am disappointed. It's a good, functional case. The horn fits well. The case fits in the overhead bins of a Lufthansa A350 and an Austrian A320. The backpack straps make carrying the horn simple, even on narrow stairs and over longish (>500 m, < 2 km)...
  3. Cases
    Has anyone heard of the cases by Michael Manning? Does anyone own one by him? What is his usual price range for a bari case if known?
1-3 of 4 Results