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  1. Electronic Equipment
    I'm hoping to record directly into my iMac. I've a mic, but I'd be fine with something with a simple connection (usb or?). I'd also love to introduce a bit of reverb to my sax during recording. And maybe include the music from an Abersold or such file. And cheap. That's me these days - let's...
  2. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hey all! Looking to purchase a microphone for home use (saxophone recording) with a budget of around $300. I did some recording at my buddy's place with a Carvin CTM100 tube condenser and LOVED the way it came out on both alto and tenor. I'll link a couple of those recordings below so you can...
  3. Electronic Equipment
    I know there is a newer post about best mics live but looking at a wireless system that is durable and affordable. Would like to stay under $500 but trying to get a realistic idea on the best bang for the buck. Thanks!
  4. Notation Software, MIDI, etc
    Hello! I have a Super Balanced Action Tenor sax and I’m looking for recommendations for a nice home recording mic. I recently bought myself a Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle (2nd gen) and I’m happy with it but the mic that came with it doesn’t seem ideal for sax recording. However I’m only...
  5. Electronic Equipment
    Anybody own an SD Systems LCM 89 wireless mic system? Interested in selling it? Please PM me. Thanks.
  6. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone in or near the Chicago, IL area own several different clip-on wireless saxophone microphone systems such as SD Systems 89, AMT (any saxophone model from AMT), Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Samson, or any others? I'm looking for a new wireless clip-on mic, and there is no practical...
  7. Electronic Equipment
    Hello All- I'm currently using a Samson Airline 77 wireless system with my tenor on GB gigs. The sound produced through the fronts is 'okay' (even with a lot of EQ work), however, the room noise picked up by the mic is almost unbearable. It is especially noticeable in my in-ear monitors. The...
  8. Electronic Equipment
    Hi guys, I've recently started playing in clubs using my samson 77 wireless mic hooked up to the mic input on the DJ controller. Is there some way I can plug the output of my samson into an FX unit and apply reverb/delay to the sound before plugging this output into the controller? Thanks...
  9. Electronic Equipment
    Ok, there's a lot of action going on about wireless mic setups (for sax) and which ones are best and all of that, and I'm interested because I want to buy one in the next month. Let's get it right down to the grit and decide which wireless mic setup is best. First, though, some rules. 1) The...
  10. Electronic Equipment
    Ok, so this mic is totally cool and not at all what I expected all at once. It's incredibly detailed and realistic without adding any of it's own color, so it's very much like playing acoustically, only louder. That seems like it would be the obvious goal, but I've grown so used to hearing mics...
  11. Electronic Equipment
    Hi guys, im quite new to this website, im just wondering which mic should i choose for saxophone recording. Unlike most people i play a lot of contemporary and classical saxophone (like creston, glazunov, ibert, that kinda stuff) I ran through a couple of mics and so far are satisfied at none of...
  12. Working Sax Pros
    i know i posted a similar thread to this before but this time a wanted specific info on clip on mics. i'm very strongly considering buying one as i frequently find myself moving around on gigs and ending up of mic. however i really know NOTHING about sound engineering as normally ill just play...
  13. Electronic Equipment
    I've got two SM98 wired mics, they have the thin mic cable that connects to the battery pack, the battery pack connects to the mixing board via standard XLR mic cable. I would like to convert them to wireless. I found an old post at the Shure support site that says "All Shure systems can be...
  14. Working Sax Pros
    your thoughts?
  15. Electronic Equipment
    Okay. I'm in need of a mic for recording purposes for my solos, and etc. Can anyone give me a recommendation on what would be a good recording device to use? It could be a portable or microphone.
  16. Electronic Equipment
    Any of you folks aware of a non-condenser (No need for phantom power) Hi-Z clip on mic? Preferably with a 1/4" male plug. I've not found much in my preliminary Googling:(
  17. Electronic Equipment
    All. (Apologies - I am a newbie to the world of Sax mics). I need advice re the best clip-on mic to go with my band's MG116C desk. While the Yamaha does have phantom power, it can't be applied independently (i.e. just to the Sax) - it has to be all-or-nothing. So, phantom power from the desk...
  18. Electronic Equipment
    Do any SOTW members use this microphone, or have any of you ever used it? If so, I'd like some input on how it sounds (possibly a recording?). Thank you! Steve
  19. Electronic Equipment
    I'm a reggae band, and the horns are myself on Tenor Sax and a Trombone player. We are both Interested in going wireless for the stage, and were wondering if such a system exists that supports two wireless instrument mics, and two outputs for a mixer. Thanks.