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  1. Alto mpc
    Here we go.. I’ve got this mouthpiece. Can someone confirm what I see here ? Fake or the real thing?
  2. Alto mpc
    I recently changed my mouthpiece from yamaha 4c to Meyer 5m. I use vandoren 2.5 reeds (blue box). When i tried the new mouthpiece, there's this buzzy, edgy effect to my tone. is that normal? when i play on the neck alone i don't hear it but when i play the full horn its there. (sounds like im...
  3. Ligatures
    Hi, I am going ligature shopping and am considering a Silverstein Ligature to pair with my Meyer 5. From the people who own one in this forum, what do you think about it? Is it worth the premium? Also, how bright are these ligs? I'm looking for a slightly brighter sound, and I just want to...
  4. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Hello everyone, Just wondering if I could get some advice on an alto sax jazz mouthpiece. A little background about me: been playing since 4th grade, but I wouldn't really call myself advanced--intermediate at best, and that may be too generous. Anyway, I'm currently a college student (not...
  5. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    Hello there, I was just wondering what does the refacing of a mouthpiece do for the player? Justin
  6. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Hi - I play alto and inherited a Meyer mouthpiece from my ex-husband (he left it behind by mistake, lol). Can anyone tell me its age, playing level or value? It's hard rubber, no teeth marks. Marked on the top "Meyer" and in smaller letters "MADE IN USA." On the round barrel: "MEDIUM CHAMBER."...
  7. Reeds
    Hey guys. Im playing a good amount of intermediate level jazz in combos and big bands. I play alto and my setup now is a meyer 5 mouthpiece with 2.5 java reeds and a standard rover lig . Im really not feeling like I'm getting nearly the response and power that i want...also....can someone help...
  8. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Hello, I just bought a hard rubber Alto Sax Meyer 5M mouthpiece off of Ebay and have received it in the mail today. I am new to the alto sax, and I have only had two mouthpieces before-the beginner Yamaha 4C and a Rousseu mouthpiece. Both were plastic. I know this may seem like a dumb question...
  9. Alto mpc
    Hello, In looking for a new alto mouthpiece I have been reading posts on these forums for hours and I figured it might be easiest to just post my question and let this great community help me out. I mainly play in the band at my church. We play blues/gospel/rock tunes where I am backing up a...
  10. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    I've been playing with a Meyer 5m on my alto for some time now. A friend of mine called and told me he bought a dukoff d8 for my birthday. I was hoping you could tell me what to expect from this new mpc, any tips? I apologize if there's any grammar/spelling mistake.
1-10 of 14 Results