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  1. Conn
    So my Mark VI needs a $1200 overhaul. 25 years of hard gigging has taken it's toll. It's been bent 3 times now, once from a drunk bass player sitting on my case (original 60's zipper case, too soft to sit on,) once from dropping it, and most recently from falling down a flight of icy steps with...
  2. Conn
    Hi! I'm new to the forum and am interested in finding out the answer to a couple of questions regarding a bari I'm considering buying. First, it's a silver-plated Conn 12M Naked Lady with serial number 675xxx. I'm assuming it's from 1957 according to other serial number lists. I'm...
  3. Conn
    So, my 10yr old wants to play tenor sax. Band teacher suggested old Conn's (before 1990) would be good. I bought one off of Craigs list for $75 from a lady who was moving. She said she bought it used in 1969. She said she can still get a tone out of it (today). I figured if nothing else he...
1-3 of 5 Results