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  1. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    So, I was lucky enough to pick up a recent V16 T9 metal piece "Large Chamber" for a silly price. - For those that don't know, the Large chamber is marketed as a 1940's style mouthpiece - I have always wanted to see how these things play, and although a 9 is outside my comfort zone it is a...
  2. Alto mpc
    Hi everyone! I'm currently looking at a Dukoff Super Power Chamber D6 for alto and was curious as to its validity as a legit piece and not a fake. I noticed this stamping error that I'm hoping will clue me in as to whether it's the real deal or not!
  3. Ligatures
    I play a yanagisawa metal mouthpiece, and lost the ligature it came with. Naturally I'm looking to upgrade now.
  4. Ligatures
    So I've been playing on the metal Yanagisawa sopranino mouthpiece and looking for a ligature. The mouthpiece appears to be a similar size to the HR nino pieces but can't be sure. Anyone have any experience in finding other ligatures for this piece that fit?
  5. Saxophone Solo and Ensembles
    Donald Sinta Quartet's performance of Volcanic Ash at the Grand Prize Concert of this year's Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition! Available for purchase (digital download) for $25.00 at: Join my consortium for a new work for baritone...
  6. Tenor mpc
    Which would be a good Dukoff Hollywood type mouthpiece? Hi, I am looking for a metal mpc in Dexter Gordon sound direction. Any recommendation? Thanks!
  7. Ligatures
    Hello everyone, I have two of these ligature with exactly the same problem. When you actually tighten the ligature the nut gets loose and you cannot tighten it more or loosen it anymore which makes the ligature useless. The main issue is that the nut is not attached to the screw. I received my...
1-7 of 110 Results