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metal clarinet

  1. Clarinet
    Happy Holidays! So I got a Silva-Bet. I really need to get out of rescue mode. This poor thing was donated from a school music program (there are two sets of initials gouged into the plating on the bell; one on the inside, one on the top rim). The bell is also uneven in an oddly even way...
  2. Clarinet
    So I started to clean up my Cavalier metal clarinet this morning and noticed it has a tiny "PAT. PEN'G." stamped on the body by the F#/C# key cup, directly between the posts. Does anyone know what patent that is for? Also, what is the difference between a 92N and the 98N? By the SN mine is a 92N.
  3. Pads and Resonators
    Hi All, a number of years ago, i repadded an American Standard [King?] metal clarinet with red leather pads in keeping with the previous repad from many many years previous. Well, it time once again and i'm wondering if anyone might have an idea where i could replenish my stock of red leather...
  4. Noblet
    I've inherited my aunt's clarinet, I'm a brass player, so this is not my area... It is metal (nickel plated?), the body and bell are one piece with the only movable joint being at the mouth piece. The emblem reads "Noblet France" inside a rounded square which is embossed on the bell. "1961"...
  5. Clarinet Mouthpieces
    I am about to begin playing clarinet. I have been playing both bari and alto for about 5 years and have always want to try playing clarinet. I currently use metal mouthpieces only. Would it be easier to get the right embouchure on clarinet if I continued using metal? Are there any companies out...
  6. Clarinet
    hi, I am thinking about buying a metal/silver clarinet, could anybody tell me if I could use my regular Bb clarinet mouthpiece on a metal/silver clarinet (my mouthpiece is a J&D hite):) thanks Saxophoniac3