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  1. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello sax cats!! Can anyone please help me with the main theme that the tenor sax is playin'...? I have opened this topic,in order to "give a hand" to all sax beginners. Hope it's alright. Billy
  2. C Melody Soprano, Contralto & Tenor
    Have a look. This horn is identical to my late 20's alto, nickel and all. But when you look at the neck, no microtuner, and it has this weird underslung octave key, but it isn't underslung like that of a 6m. Is this neck consistent with the horn? Maybe I'll throw in a bid or two. Thanks...
  3. C Melody Soprano, Contralto & Tenor
    Hi there, there's a guy selling this C Melody tenor and I was wondering if anyone knows this brand and how much would it be worth. I can't really read what it says, but maybe you can identify it. Thanks
  4. Tips and Techniques
    Had some free time this last week... here's a few new lessons: Intervalic Melody: 2 Long tone exercises: Major #9 melody: 2 Chromatic melodies over V7...
  5. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Hello, I just got an old sax and I don't have any idea about this horn. I think it is a C Melody but I would like to know what manufactured it was made by. It smells like old tools and it needs urgently new pads, corks and polish. So I dont't know if it is worth to repair it. I have studied sax...
  6. Recommended Listening for Beginners
    hi, I am looking for some easy blues tunes to play. I want to learn some blues melodies so it can help me get some ideas for improvising. I read a Tim Price article about basic saxophone skills and there he gives some examples, like Bags Groove, Straight no Chaser... I would like some...
1-6 of 8 Results