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  1. Bb Soprano
    I am interested in getting a curved soprano for under $3000. I have been hoping to find a used Yanagisawa SC-991 or SC-992 (as I really like their straight sopranos, but I sold my straight one because of thumb issues), but I haven't seen any used curved ones for sale for some months now. So...
  2. Cases
    I recently bought a P. Mauriat System 76 Alto Sax, and I love everything about it, except for the case. Don't get me wrong, the case is built like a tank, there is just almost no storage space for reeds, neck straps, swabs, etc. I would like to know if anyone has found a case Cover for this case...
  3. P. Mauriat
    I've been playing baritone for over 20 years, so I'm no stranger to it (my primary horn). My baritones of choice for the past 15 years have been Conn 12m's. Two weeks ago I got a Mauriat PMB-302. I love how it plays, the action, response, feel, look, etc. However, I'm having trouble getting...
  4. Eb Baritone
    I'm looking for a low a to high f# instrument, and I'vwe bought instruments from Kessler Music before, always successfully. How's the new Baritone? My alternative is a Mauriat 301GL.
  5. P. Mauriat
    This arrived in the mail yesterday. Had to try it out on the gig... Answer to the question you are going to ask: Yes, I prefer no high F#. My Mark VI doesn't have one, I never have--or would--use it, so it's just extra metal on the horn. This version (and this will sound silly) already feels...
  6. Necks
    Hi everyone im fairly new to the site. Ive been reading and commenting for i wanna say about a year now but this is my first post as i cant find an answer to my question. I have 3 saxes. All altos which i love dearly and they are a 1925 King, Selmer AS500 and a p.Mauriat 67r dark lacquered. My...
  7. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Which one do you prefer, and why? What are the differences between the two? Are they good quality? I play alto. Thanks. :)
  8. P. Mauriat
    OK, clearly the title of this post was a ploy to grab your attention. P. Mauriat System 76: the horn I'm playing in this video John Mayer: both David Ryan Harris and myself play in his band Radiohead: they wrote the song we're performing in this video
  9. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Hi haven't checked into the forum for a while so thought I'd come back and say hello. I'm still plugging away in Devon, U.K. gigging, teaching sax, running the occasional workshop and composing some music for a new quartet album. My 3 year flirtation with Mauriat tenors is over and I'm back...
  10. P. Mauriat
    Has anyone tried an aftermarket neck on a System 76 or any other model for that matter? Perhaps a Ponzol or a Selmer Series II or III neck works well to reduce resistance? Anyone experimenting with necks?
  11. P. Mauriat
    Janek Gwizdala - bass Dennis Hamm - keys Tom Breckline - drums Bob Reynolds - tenor saxophone Recorded October 19, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA with a ZOOM Q3HD video camera. Also played it on a hit with Usher at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend: Performing with Usher for Clinton Foundation...
  12. In Canada
    I just bought a P. Mauriat System 76-ADK 2nd edition from VR Music in Winkler Manitoba of all places. Great guy to deal with. Though he ordered mine direct from the factory, he kept me informed as to what was happening every step of the way... and now that it's here- I love it! This is a new...
1-12 of 27 Results