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  1. Bb Tenor
    It don't look like much but it is the deluxe. I can see from the pics that the lacquer is shot, the pads look shot also and someone put the mouthpiece on upside down. If it is as easy to work on and blow as my Indiana alto then it will make me a good horn and the price was right but I will have...
  2. Martin
    Hello, I'm looking to find more info on this "The Martin" soprano of mine, before I consider trading it for a more "functional" horn. I always thought this was a Bb horn, I've never have had it overhauled to really play it...I had a friend suggest maybe it was a C horn, due to its range to Eb...
  3. Martin
    So this ad had been out there for awhile, and the guy kind of lived out there and he wanted too much money, IMHO, and the real reason, I already have a number of Martin Alto's including a typewriter, that I still need to work on, so the last thing I needed was another one... Yeah but then of...
  4. Martin
    Hello everyone! Just thought I’d share my oddity of a Martin Alto Here's what I know so far from my research: Serial #102227 should put it somewhere around 1930-1933 (I’m guessing 1931) which was when Martin was making Handcrafts/Masters/Troubadours. However, it can’t be a troubadour because it...
  5. Martin
    Anyone know a good source (e.g. repair tech that specialises in Martins) for replacement necks for Comm I/II Martin tenors?
  6. Martin
    Had a Martin Handcraft come in for a complete overhaul yesterday- can't really get my hands on the horn like I'd want to yet, but was found in a closet after client's grandmother passed. Dated 1925-1926, will definitely be showing the cleaned up photos when we're finished in two+ months.
  7. Martin
    Anyone know whether it's a star or a cross on Martin's Magnas? I googled to the best of my abilities but came up with diddley. Also, do the baritone necks have it or do people just add them?
1-7 of 14 Results