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  1. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Here's another tune from my new cd "Shout-out!" . I wrote this one for the great Lou Donaldson. I would describe this as sort of an altered boogaloo blues with a bridge..AABA form. Again I'm on my 73xxx Selmer Mark VI, Otto Link Florida No USA 9* and Roberto's Winds 3M reed. Thanks for checking...
  2. Necks
    Hey guys I got this Mark VI tenor neck from my tech to try out on my VI. He salvaged it from a horn, that was run over by a car but he doesn't know what serial it was. Anyone can guess from the pictures? It sounds to me like a later serial, very even low resistance and on the brighter side of...
  3. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Hello everyone, my tenor was stolen from an Italian train on Friday, July 6 2018. It is a 1961 Selmer Mark VI serial number 93313 in a well-worn black Walt Johnson hard case. The handles wore out so now it has a single handle made of braided white rope. The carrying strap was replaced by...
  4. Bb Tenor
    I'm trying to decide if I want to keep this P. Mauriat 66R. What's your opinion of horn "A" (Mark VI) vs horn "B" (66R)? What differences do you hear?
  5. Selmer (Paris)
    Hi guys I just stumbled upon a 1972/73 Mark VI on the second hand sites. I always wanted to own a MKVI or SBA as an alto. However as I know these nice horn don't go away for less than 5k here. The seller only wants 3.9k and as I read all the tipps for buying saxes on this forum I'm a bit...
  6. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Selmer 1957 Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number M73842 Stolen with a B & N "lost wax" (black hard rubber) mouthpiece and a Vandoren Optimum ligature. The horn was stolen without a case. My tenor saxophone went missing from the stage of the Orpheum theatre in Vancouver on January 5, 2018...
  7. Reeds
    than on your VI?
  8. Manufacturing/ Construction Interesting study. I prefer vintage saxophones myself, but maybe I need to do a blindfold test on a gig.
  9. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Help or advice needed here. I recently purchased a Mark VI Alto #178XXX. The sound is satisfying, and i have no other issues with the exception of G and F# (with thumb key pressed). These 2 notes are producing irregular trembling sound when i play lightly (long notes). I cannot hear the...
21-29 of 242 Results