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marching bari
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  1. General Discussion
    So next year I plan to march bari sax (or tenor ONLY if there is not enough baris or its a extreme pain in the 'brass'). The reasons why I would like to march bari is because: 1. I like bari saxes range and the mighty Low A. I to extreme extent embrace that 2nd left thumb key that spews out a...
  2. Eb Baritone
    Hello! I'm in my second year of High School marching band; last year I marched tenor (which wasn't that hard) and this year I've made the decision to march Bari. I am a 5'2", 125 lb. female and I'm playing a 'OLDS' bari sax. I've only really marched it once, and that was for the Memorial Day...
1-2 of 2 Results