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    Hey, gang! I made another video showing the use of a really delightfully gnarly effects pedal, the "Organizer" by EarthQuaker Devices, with saxophone. I really, REALLY like this pedal. This one sounds particularly great on saxophone, for my taste, and it's...
  2. Eb Baritone
    I need more first hand opinions on these horns. Right now I play a YBS-52 and DO NOT want another Yamaha. I play tested a Cannonball Bari and loved it (Raven finish), but I'm looking for a horn to have throughout college and hopefully beyond. I do eventually plan on having both of these horns...
  3. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    I've been searching around recently to find a professional saxophone cheaper than the big four. I've come across a few, but I need some opinions from people that have played them. I know lots of people on SOTW have been raving about the Phil Barone Saxophones. I'd really like to get one of these...
  4. Recordings, Movies
    Check out Darryl Wakefield of Kem playing his new Empyreal alto.
  5. Recordings, Movies
    Check out Bob's final test play of the Bob Sheppard Signature tenor mouthpiece at his LA studio before release at NAMM 2012.
  6. Recordings, Movies
    Bob Sheppard on the MAC 8 Rose tenor playing the Bob Sheppard Signature tenor mouthpiece with Greg Fishman playing his new FJ III mouthpiece.
  7. Recordings, Movies
    Check out James test playing the Magnum 91 tenor during NAMM 2012
  8. Advice on Buying or Selling a Saxophone
    Sale on New TK Melody Yardbird Tenors & Viking m58 Altos. Yardbird tenors Un laquered $1650.00 Viking altos Cognac gold laq $1450.00 both with flight case, MP, strap. Sale ends 9/18/11 Rich Maraday 845-361-9353
  9. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED SAXOPHONIST, SHELLEY CARROL ENDORSES THE MACSAX®-WARBURTON SPECIAL EDITION TENOR SAXOPHONE AUSTIN, TX—February 7, 2011—MACSAX® is pleased to announce that Shelley Carrol, an internationally acclaimed musician based in Plano, Texas, is an endorser...
  10. Announcements and Bulletin Board
    Thanks to iMovie, I now am! Hope you guys enjoy it, it's a spoof (as in I DO NOT take myself that seriously) but good fun all the same...