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lower lip
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  1. Sax Lifestyle & Sax Related Health Problems
    Lower lip pain is an old issue whose causes and solutions are partly clear. However, have you ever felt that the pain of the pinhead sized glands (under the oral mucosa) makes the game uncomfortable? In these cases, I often feel them nodular, but still small. It usually occurs, when I play on...
  2. Sax Lifestyle & Sax Related Health Problems
    After playing for a while (less so when im playing for atleast a couple hours a day) my lower lip gets irritated and raw close to my gums. Its not so much from a biting pressure but more from a horizontal pressure pushing my out turned lip into the edges of my teeth. I have fairly sharp (almost...
  3. Sax Lifestyle & Sax Related Health Problems
    Hey All! I've recently started playing a lot of saxofon - (5 hours a day sometimes) - and my lower lip suffers from that - i get bitemarks because of the ambrosure and i just wondered if you have any tricks that could spare my lower lip, like a biteplate? Paper? I don't know? Cheers
1-3 of 3 Results