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  1. In Memory of ...
    Neil Peart, Inspirational, Creative Musician, has passed away. In this video, I talk about how I feel about his passing and that we, as musicians, should always be creative and try new approaches, like Neil Peart did. We cannot stay in our safe zone and copy others, we are attracted to the...
  2. Teaching
    Hello everybody, i would like to ask if you have any idea if there is a sax teacher in Cairo-Egypt .. my Fiance is so interested in learning sax and i want to help him find a teacher as a surprise from me to Him <3
  3. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hey everyone, I play the tenor sax, and I've played for about 5 and a half years now, and recently, my girlfriend of 8 months asked me to play her something on the sax, but I want it to be really good when I do, so anyone have any ideas? We're both 18, she's a dancer, likes modern music but also...
1-3 of 5 Results