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louder sound
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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    hi, Tenor sax player here; I play in a funk band, and pre-covid we used to play in venues/bars with no mics for the horn section; but of course the bass/guitar/keyboard were amp'ed. I felt that i was never as loud as the other horn players (alto sax and trombone) in the horn section, and the...
  2. Alto mpc
    I'm playing a hard rubber Meyer 5 on lead alto in my 8-member swing band. I like warmth in my tone, but I can't compete with the brass, or even the tenor player who is using a metal mpc. Is there a mouthpiece that might help me get louder without losing the warmth? I wondered if a metal mpc...
  3. Baritone mpc
    Hey! High school bari player thats looking for a new mouthpiece!! I currently play a school issued Yamaha 62 but its in terrible shape. However, I am looking at a few baris of my own. I play a Runyon Model 88 with a #4 facing. This works fine for the classical and ensemble charts but im looking...
1-3 of 3 Results