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  1. Ligatures
    Hello! I (for some reason) collect old ligatures! Over the years I have obtained 4 of these eddie daniels ligatures. They feature two metal plates on the bottom, and several plastic "ribs" around the inside of the ligature. One of them for some reason has a different type of leather, shown...
  2. General Discussion
    I've been using Legere synthetic for both alto and tenor. The Legere reeds are thinner than cane reeds so I find I need to close up the ligature really tight to keep the reed from moving easily. Recently, I've noticed that the ligature has no space between the two sides where the screws close...
  3. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I was curious, bored, and had $12 to blow. Can't blame a guy for trying.
  4. Ligatures
    Although previous threads exist on this topic, some of them are stale, so here I add my two cents. For everyone shopping for a good ligature for their Otto Link metal tenor mouthpiece... I don't intend to provide any commentary on price, relative value or accessibility in the marketplace, I'll...
  5. Ligatures
    Hello everybody! On my alto I play a meyer 6 from 90s, and I’m searching for the classic selmer two screw ligature. I bought one some times ago but was too small for my meyer (but was good with an ottolink tone edge that I have). Does anybody know if the tenor one can fits better on my “fat”...
  6. Bb Soprano
    I would like to know your experiences with ligatures to people playing the Otto Link Hard Resin mouthpiece. Best regards.
  7. Ligatures
    Hey folks, I saw an advertisement on Instagram for the woodwind "Phil's Attic" offer of vintage Rovner G ligatures for 50% off, limited quantities, limited sizes. Wanted one for my tenor large chamber HR mouthpieces, so I ordered one. Here's a picture. Does anybody know the story on these?
  8. Ligatures
    please help identify this ligature. Buying this ligature of Dukoff Hollywood. It's silver plate, or sterling silver? Thx.
  9. Oleg Products, Inc.
    Jazz artist Chico Freeman and Oleg of Oleg Products discuss the importance of the neck, mouthpiece, and ligature in saxophone intonation and the effect on players performance. Stay tuned for the next installment - Part 2
  10. Alto mpc
    Greensleeves -subtone- The sound of this saxophone is very similar to that of P.Desmond!!!!!!! VERY GOOD!!!!! Is this Otto Link Rubber? and Ligature.....?
1-10 of 228 Results