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  1. Bb Tenor
    Walter blanding mouthpiece. Dying to know it. Please email me if you know it or reply,message please [email protected] Name: IMG_4321_1498402593233.jpg Views: 55 Size: 13.3 KB ID: 112514
  2. Alto mpc
    Just going through a bunch of old sax stuff my dad gave me, found a Bilhart metal mouthpiece for alto, but the ligatures broken. I've been trying to find a replacement but I can't find the model anywhere. The serial code is 060480 with a 7* next to it, any idea what model this is or where I...
  3. What to Buy & Why: Mouthpieces
    Gosh, I'm showing my beginner's status once again. I have a few basic questions about ligatures: 1) Is there a set rule about whether the "screws" of the ligature are sitting on reed or on top of mouthpiece? Does it matter? I usually have them on top of mp but have seen them positioned on the...
  4. Ligatures
    I have two different sax mentors who are giving me diametrically opposed advice - please weigh in .. Mentor one: "Keep the ligature barely tight enough to keep the reed in place - it must be free to vibrate" Mentor two: "Tighten the ligature very firmly to anchor the reed - it is like a diving...
  5. Alto mpc
    I got my piece about 6 months ago, and like it is the best out of any mouthpiece I have tried so far. My only problem is the ligature. Its not very good and dosn't firmly secure the reed to the table. Is there anybody who knows of a ligature that will fit? Perhaps a sopran otto link? I really...
1-5 of 5 Results