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  1. General Discussion
    I've been using Legere synthetic for both alto and tenor. The Legere reeds are thinner than cane reeds so I find I need to close up the ligature really tight to keep the reed from moving easily. Recently, I've noticed that the ligature has no space between the two sides where the screws close...
  2. Ligatures
    I've got one or two mouthpieces that are smaller than usual. I have a Bari hard rubber and a Brilhart Streamline (plastic?) which don't fit a standard lig. The recommended Rovner is a 2R but if I put that on it had to be tightened as much as it'll go. It feels like it'd be better if I could...
  3. Rascher School
    I am searching for a new ligature to replace my rovner dark, and ijust wanted everyones opinion on any "dark" ligs that are worth buying. if you can think of any good dark ligatures, please help me out
  4. Ligatures
    I recently recived a #18 from Mr Winslow. His quote was 2 weeks. I had the ligature in 2 days! $97 delivered! Contact information Madison Enterprises PO BOX 8434 Madison WI 53738 8434 608 241 1124 I have been using these for 20 years - they are every bit as good today! Don't overpay, send...
  5. Ligatures
    I have a Selmer Aristocrat Tenor and a selmer s80 mouthpiece. I was thinking a rovner. I cant spend more than like 50 dollars though. Any suggestions?
1-5 of 13 Results