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  1. YouTube videos
    Just a quick compilation video that I put together. I guess there really isn't a straight path to learning how to improvise...
  2. Teaching
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share an eBook and physical book I Co-wrote with saxophone player Alex Murzyn which is now available that I have been working on to aid students learning how to play jazz. 20% OFF USING CODE THIS MONTH FOR SOTW MEMBERS USING PROMO CODE: SAXSPY...
  3. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Hello sax cats!! Can anyone please help me with the main theme that the tenor sax is playin'...? I have opened this topic,in order to "give a hand" to all sax beginners. Hope it's alright. Billy
  4. Jazz and Improvisation
    So, I'm curious as to how you guys like to practice your licks? Some specific questions I have are: Do you find it more important to practice one lick in all twelve keys, or practice on lick and learn 11 more in different keys?(If you think both, go ahead and say so but try to pretend that...
  5. Training Material
    this is a great site hosted by Quamon Fowler in Fort worth TX. He placed 3rd in last years Monk Jazz Competition in Los Angeles and is a great teacher. Through this site he shares everything from basic exercises to live concerts of some burnin' playing!!! It's a $25 monthly subscribed site...
  6. Jazz and Improvisation
    The transcribed solos of masters such as Bird, Trane, Ralph Moore, & many others contain certain phrases which are so melodic, rhythmic, and harmonically rich that they deserve to be studied in all 12 keys. The purpose is NOT to mimic a bunch of lix copy-cat style, but rather to build a richer...
1-6 of 6 Results