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  1. Multi Sax!
    Carrying my horns in their original; factory wood-frame cases, but would like to "modernize" to protective gig bags. The few I've tried to not fit the Leblanc system horns. Has anyone found bags that work?
  2. Clarinet
    Hello everyone in this wonderful forum! I have some difficulties finding what year a bass clarinet is made! The model is LeBlanc and the serial number is 3502 Can anyone help? I have tried the following link, but i could not...Oh god, am i doing something silly here...
  3. Eb Alto
    Hello everyone, I’m trying to identify this Kenosha Vito Alto Saxophone. The seller just calls it’s a vintage Kenosha Vito Alto Saxophone. The problem is I have yet to find pictures or info of a Kenosha Vito with a split guard on the left side of the bell like this. I love vito saxophones and...
  4. Beaugnier, G. Leblanc & Vito
    Hi all, first time poster, long time user here. I’ve recently acquired a Vito model 35 Leblanc-style alto. It’s in great mechanical shape, and looks great, though it could use a new pad or two. I’m especially interested in the leblanc-style fingerings and system of tonehole placement. Reviews...
  5. Noblet
    I've inherited my aunt's clarinet, I'm a brass player, so this is not my area... It is metal (nickel plated?), the body and bell are one piece with the only movable joint being at the mouth piece. The emblem reads "Noblet France" inside a rounded square which is embossed on the bell. "1961"...
  6. Clarinet
    Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of the old LeBlanc Low C "500" Bore Bass Clarinets. They are fantastic! Anyone know if this one is one of them or how to identify one?
  7. Manufacturing/ Construction
    I live in California and we have a very wide range of climates in the state. As a person who plays gigs on Bass Clarinet my instrument may go from an outdoor gig in a dry and snowy alpine resort to a humid summer beach wedding in the same week. I need the Low C and the benefits of a pro horn, so...
  8. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hello, I am sure that the answer to WHAT IS THE BEST GOOD INEXPENSIVE STUDENT INTERMEDIATE SAX question is easily found if you do a search in this forum for the Yamaha alto/tenor sax "YAS-21" or it's later variant the "YAS-23". (YTS-21or23) There is almost uniform agreement on the subject...
1-8 of 22 Results