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  1. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    TLDR: Is this George M. Bundy alto sax mouthpiece something good to buy for my old Conn New Wonder I from 1917? It's for sale near me. I'll take any information I can get! Hello, I searched around the web, and found that old Conns usually work better with a large (round) chamber mouthpiece. I...
  2. Tenor mpc
    What's up, all? I just picked up a 1940 King Zephyr locally for a great deal. SN 247XXX. Triple strap ring, double neck tenon, indistinguishable from the Zephyr Special except for the fancy cosmetics (silver neck, pearl key touches, engraving). Beautiful splotchy dark patina on the lacquer that...
  3. Mouthpiece Maintenance, Modification & Refacing
    So, I was lucky enough to pick up a recent V16 T9 metal piece "Large Chamber" for a silly price. - For those that don't know, the Large chamber is marketed as a 1940's style mouthpiece - I have always wanted to see how these things play, and although a 9 is outside my comfort zone it is a...
  4. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hi there, Figured I should just give my two cents about this Son of Slant mouthpiece I got about a month ago from Drake. I'm playing a Son of Slant Large Chamber 8 on a Buescher true tone curved soprano with rico plasticover 3 reeds. I recently purchased an old Buescher true tone curved...
  5. Tenor mpc
    hey guys will be buying a new mouthpiece sometime very soon. whenever i want actually. i have the money just don't know what to buy. very seriously contemplating the new drake mouthpiece coming out next month (his "stubbie" model).
  6. Soprano, Bass and Misc. mpc
    Hi Everyone, This is a brand new model I have been working on for several months. Many thanks to Gary Campbell and Dave Liebman for their input! The design of this mouthpiece has been modeled after the Otto Link Slant model, with a few modifications to help facilitate better stability of...
1-6 of 9 Results