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  1. Alto mpc
    This old HR piece was in the case of a 60's Boosey & Hawkes alto (Kohlert Bixley stencil) that I recently acquired. It measures .061, has a round chamber, and has no markings besides the discolouration. I thought at first it might be an old Conn, but it's a bit different from my Steelay. Anyone...
  2. Kohlert
    I just recently purchased a Winnenden Alto off of EBay. Risky but at least it has a return. The horn arrived playable from top to bottom, only with a few small problems that could be fixed with adjustment. I took it to a local shop and spoke with the repairmen there. They loved the horn, but...
  3. Bb Soprano
    Hello there, There is a cheap Kohlert S4650 in the market for sale and I was wondering if someone knows about this model. It says Vintage 2002! I thought I saw some very old Kohlert and price of some of them were quite high. Is this some sort of degraded line of production? Thanks.
  4. Martin
    I just got a tenor that has "Martin Elkhart-Ind" in the bell, but that looks almost exactly like a Kohlert Winneden: same key guard on the low B and Bb and on the low Eb and C keys. The LH pinky array has a difference in that the Low Bb touch piece does not have the longish roller that the...
  5. Kohlert
    I have recently (past couple of years) discovered and fell in love with vintage kohlerts. It start with me finding a Winnenden Stencil in a thrift store. I LOVE this horn, but ergonomically it's a little awkward and there are a few minor intonation issues. I'm willing to work with those...
  6. Kohlert
    Hi Kohlert fans I picked up a nickel plated alto in good condition recently and would like to discover more about its pedigree. The horn has no decoration on it and no sign of a serial number but has been rather crudely stamped "V Kohlert Sons, Graslice, Bohemia, modell1927" below the rim of...
1-6 of 14 Results