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  1. Bb Tenor
    I have a 1960’s King Super 20 Silver Sonic Tenor Sax. My question for the experts on this forum is whether the neck on this Sax looks bent or out of alignment. If so … what can be done? I recently had a local Ssx repair guy fix a couple of leaks and I asked him about the neck and he said it was...
  2. 1951 King Zephyr Tenor in Case

    My 1951 King Zephyr Tenor that I had restored a few years ago love it!
  3. 1951 King Zephyr Tenor engraving

    Engraving on my 1951 King Zephyr Tenor
  4. King (HN White)
    i would need to have a repad on my king zephyr alto ~1960. it still has the original pads i believe and these have flat metal resonators. from what i read up on the forum, no resonators would make up for darker sound (perhaps a good effect for a king that is on the brighter side of tone...
  5. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hi All, I'm a woodwind tech based in Atlanta GA. I'm overhauling a '67 King Super 20 Silversonic Tenor and am trying to source some missing parts to complete the job. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find key guard feet for low Eb & C as well as key guard screws. Thanks in advance. I...
  6. King (HN White)
    I would like help from King aficionados about an alto I just acquired labeled Varsity USA. I searched a website of stencil manufacturers and found the Varsity listed as a Conn stencil. But this alto has earmarks of a King horn, ie. beveled key cups, soldered tone holes and pinky table. I...
  7. Manufacturing/ Construction
    Curious minds need to know...... KING has a history of right hand sided bell keys -- why?
1-8 of 124 Results