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  1. King (HN White)
    I'm wanting to get a solid silver neck for a 69/70 S20 serial 454xxx I just got for $2500. The dude lost it. The new neck is engraved and might fit the later S20 single-socket tenon. Its not underslung but I'll save up and have that done later. But I want to get the correct size 28.2 or 27...
  2. Eb Alto
    Is this a fair comparison between the horns? Best John
  3. King (HN White)
    This Silversonic (serial 369124) is being offered at Fleabay in Germany at the moment without its original case.
  4. King (HN White)
    I have a 300XXX King Super 20 (1948/49). The touch pieces/pearls have traces of gold lacquer on them. Even the ones that should have been heavily used. There are also lacquer traces on the palm and side key touches. My question: Did King deliver new Saxes at that time with lacquer over the...
  5. Babillard Franco: Info, questions & réponses
    Bonjour, Je viens juste de publier mon tenor King super 20 en ebay. Merci
  6. King (HN White)
    I am a 65-year-old university professor in the humanities, close to retirement, on sabbatical, and a month and a half into alto saxophone lessons. I am very committed to the horn and am making good progress. (I had coronary artery bypass surgery in September, almost died, and nothing has been...
  7. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    I'm just wondering what are the pros and cons of each horn and if they were similar prices and conditions which one would you buy and why. Ps I am speaking about alto saxophones in this post
  8. Stolen Instruments, Music
    Now this is unbelievable and a true shock for every player. A friend's horn were stolen two nights ago in a burglary in Frechen near Cologne, Germany. Other things were stolen, too, so it seems this burglary was not directly addressed to the four saxes. I will post a link to the German...
1-8 of 29 Results