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  1. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    I just picked up a gold lacquer SX90ii (sn121xxx) in nearly perfect condition. I’ve been trying to find out how much this horn is worth but there doesn’t seem to be too many of the older non-Lieb sopranos for sale now. Anyone got an idea of my horn’s value? Thanks, -Chris
  2. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Hello all! I think maybe I've had one of the last New King Series II tenors produced for almost the last 30 years, as the S/N is #21016. According to The Keilwerth New King & Tone King descriptions I found on saxpics, it might have been one of the last made in the series? Also, the first two...
  3. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Hello all, There is a NEW JK Soprano with the VIntage Finish available for immediate sale. (USA/Canada) As most of you know these are usually made-to-order. This one came in for a customer who backed out at the last minute. This is the traditional SX90 model (not Liebman) with standard key...
  4. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Hello everyone, Could anyone help me identify those mouthpieces? The seller is saying they are made in Germany but didn't give other infos on them. I bought a Keilwerth new king with a very similar ligature as those in the picture. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  5. Bb Tenor
    Hi everyone! I'm on a hunt for a solid tenor. I'm finished my classical saxophone masters last year, my main instrument is alto (Selmer III). I played a lot of tenor at my university (Selmer II) and now I want to buy something on my own. I also play some jazz/funk/rock, so what I'm looking for...
  6. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    I have a bit of a Christmas present for any of you Couf lovers out there. After more than a month of researching, writing, and putting it all together in one very heavily illustrated page, I published the first of my H. Couf pages on my website today. The goal when I undertook this was to...
  7. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    I was checking out this video: It's clearly visible around 6:30. Seems like Kirk Whalum's got a new saxophone. Looks like he's using a Vintage SX90R. I hope Keilwerth at least gave him this one considering how faithful of a Keilwerth endorser he is.
  8. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Heya all, I recently acquired a Julius Keilwerth EX90 Series III alto. I'm in love with the way it looks, and the ergonomics, but not with the way it sounds. I currently play on a Beechler Bellite 7, with either Rico Jazz Select 3S reeds or Legere Signature 2.5 (depends on the venue). My main...
  9. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Neck for H-Couf Superba I Bari? Hi - I posted on the Parts Wanted forum, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to also post in the H-Couf/Keilwerth forum... I have a H Couf Superba I bari that got off eBay a couple of years ago. It didn't have the original neck, but the seller included a Yamaha (I...
  10. Baritone mpc
    Hi All - I have a H Couf Superba I bari (Keilwerth) and I've recently started playing in a local community band. I've tried a few mouthpieces, but none seem to be the right one. 1. Yamaha 5C - sounds ok in middle register, but lower notes are harder to get out and higher notes don't sound...
1-10 of 129 Results