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  1. Tenor mpc
    Im looking to buy a new tenor jazz mouthpiece, and am interested in Vandorens java series. For lack of a better format, my questions go as follows: 1) If I want a piece thats not ridiculous to control (rules out T95 maybe even T75) but still lets me play with sound and character, which should...
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Hi all, I have an as new, only played 1/2 hour, blue vandoren jumbo A55 alto mouthpiece that I bought a good few years ago. Can anyone tell me if this is the "jumbo java" and what it's worth please? It has the word "JUMBO" with the J and M slanted and also has an elephant on it. Many thanks - Colin
  3. Sax vs. Sax, Mpc vs. Mpc, etc.
    Well since its almost Christmas my mom would get me something and I'm deciding on a mouthpiece. Right now it's between a Beechler Bellite 6/7 or a Vandoren Jumbo Java A45. I'm looking for a mouthpiece that I can hit high notes with ease and growl on them, also not a nasally (spelling?word?)...
1-3 of 7 Results