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jazz improvisation lessons

  1. Tips and Techniques
    These are links to videos on my youtube channel. So far I have put 4 short videos I made explaining some ways I have been practicing the diminished scales. I plan on adding some more very soon. I find that these scales are great for my technique and also can be used in jazz improv in lots of...
  2. Playing Songs
    I put together a little lesson on personalizing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen I though some of you might enjoy. Drop me a note with your email address if you want the PDF that goes with it. Merry Christmas! Randy
  3. Tips and Techniques
    I'm starting a new playlist on my YouTube channel with videos I'm creating called, "Transcribe This Lick." The licks are a combination of standard jazz vocabulary licks and brief 1-2 bar licks from solos by classic jazz sax players. I've got a dozen of them assembled, but if this goes over well...