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  1. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    I looked up an earlier thread on how to do it and also consulted the FAQ, and they both say to go to settings, which I did, and to click on edit profile picture on the lefthand side of the screen, near edit avatar. Much to my dismay, there is no option to change my profile picture in settings...
  2. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hi! I'm a new user on the forums and not really sure if this was the right place to post this. But I was hoping this community could help me with a bari sax problem So this will be my 3rd year playing saxophone and in Jazz I was recommend to switch as our old baritone saxophone left the school...
  3. Forum Problem Reports and Questions
    I get the error: You have reached your stored private message quota and cannot send any further messages until space has been created. whenever I try to send a PM. Why is this? I have deleted nearly all of my inbox, and sent box messages. :(
  4. Clarinet
    I've been playing clarinet for about 7 years now, but lately the third register E natural and up haven't been coming out unless I honk really loudly. When it does come out, it isn't steady at all and squeaks a LOT. I have an overhauled Penzel Muller from the 1920s and there are some cracks in...
1-4 of 4 Results