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  1. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Hey there everyone. I just got a job at a local music store as a band and orchestra sales person. This is great because I've always wanted a job like this. The one thing that concerns me is that I'm a sax player and I have little to no experience in other instruments except guitar. I'm doing...
  2. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    Get free sheet music, just vote for one of the scores that you like and if the most votes, you will receive in your inbox. Choose one of the score of which have been proposed choose the instrument you want, and proposes another score that you like for next vote. Actual Vote What do you want...
  3. Polls and Surveys
    This is not another "how many do you own" thread. Rather, it is a question of how many instruments you have unpacked and in roughly playing condition right now. If you use cane reeds, you are welcome to count instruments that need to be fitted with reeds but are otherwise ready to go. Also this...
1-3 of 4 Results