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  1. Conn
    Hello everyone, I have a very old saxophone I got from my grandfather (don't worry, not an inheritance, hes not dead). I'd love to know some more about it, but the farthest I got was the weathered inscription on the bell which reads: Made By G.G. Conn (looks like gg godd, but I don't think he...
  2. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    this was attached to an early 60's martin indiana tenor in worse than junk condition found in a basement. it had a berg lig on it and i thought/hoped is was gonna be a berg. sadly, as i spent a good half hour cleaning all the dirt and gunk off of it, i realized that there are no names/markings...
  3. Conn This popped up in the local craigslist from a resale shop. The ad says it is a conn, but I don't know of any Conns with that type of F-sharp trill mechanism. I thought those were mostly used on Bueschers, Martins,ect. Am I missing something...
1-3 of 3 Results