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  1. Teaching
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share an eBook and physical book I Co-wrote with saxophone player Alex Murzyn which is now available that I have been working on to aid students learning how to play jazz. 20% OFF USING CODE THIS MONTH FOR SOTW MEMBERS USING PROMO CODE: SAXSPY...
  2. Teaching
    I'm attempting to learn how to improvise more theoretically; however, I'm struggling with symbols. Can someone tell me what this means: CΔ+4 I was told that the + means sharp, but I feel like this is just another way of writing "add"
  3. Bb Tenor
    Hey guys I've been set the task for my next lesson of being able to confidently and interestingly improvise over a 12 bar blues in C with only five notes C-G I found a backing track for blue monk so I've been using that to play along to, but I am having real problems getting inspired! Five...
1-3 of 4 Results