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  1. Practicing
    Hi all, I've played alto for about 10 years now, but until recently I was quite focused on grades which meant my practice routine was just playing the pieces I had to to pass exams. I have since passed grade eight and have kind of fallen back in love with the sax (playing in a few bands helped)...
  2. Practicing
    Hi there, I'm glad to announce that the english version of my method book and video "7Steps" is now availible as a download! You can either purchase the video or the eBook....surely you can also order both of them ;-) To take a glance at the book and the video please check this site...
  3. Teaching
    I'm an intermediate 45 years old tenor sax player. Looking for a great teacher in Montreal to study jazz improvisation and be inspired by. Any ideas?
  4. Misc. Saxophone Discussion
    Here's my first video on youtube improvising freely on the alto saxophone. Please subscribe and like if you enjoy it :) Link:
  5. Jazz and Improvisation
    3 magic notes lick it fits great in more than 15 chords. ENG subtitles Link with the PDF file
  6. Practicing
    Hi everybody, Jazz is a music of improvisation, however we know that it is not necessarily all just "made up." It is more like spontaneous composition in which we take what we know and use it to create music. When listening to the greats, we can sometimes hear that there are pieces of their...
  7. Electronic Equipment
    Tomkat Jazz = my new channel featuring jazz standard improv on EWI
  8. Teaching
    Hi guys, What would be your three main advice to a wannabe improviser ? I know the perfect answer is "it depends", but I'm curious to know about your three main points in general. To me it's: 1) Listening (a lot !) 2) singing 3) Practicing your ability to play what you ear. What's yours ? In...
  9. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi all! I just made a video about Cry Me a River Lick - 7 ideas to apply it to the II-V-I PDF link
  10. Practicing
    I’m always eager to play my saxophone and I’m passionate about improvisation, but being “effective” ,practicing deep work and intense focus seems to be at an another level… I don’t know about you guys but it feels like working in the practice room is less about scales, 2 5 1, tunes and...
  11. Jazz and Improvisation
    Diminished scale pattern. PDF link: and some examples
  12. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi all!! Halfdiminished Seventh (Bm7b5) Video Lesson. We added English subtitles (you can choose them on settings )hope would be helpful. PDF link:
  13. Practicing
    I've realized recently how my approach of standards was chaotic these recent years. The only parameter I used in my choice of a tune was" waoouh" this tune is amazing ! I have to learn it !!!" And then followed the struggle of trying to keep up with high tempo, memorizing licks because of course...
  14. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hello Just have a look to my small tribute to BRECKER BROTHER with one of their best song "SPONGE" have a nice moment ... I hope so !!! ;) cheers from France GREG REYNAERT
  15. Practicing
    Be the teacher. When the teacher is ready, the student arrives… :bluewink2: You go to the hairdresser to fix the mess you have on your head, and you ask for something not too short, well cut and fresh. In a word, you want to look good. Back home you find yourself in the mirror with a pair of...
  16. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi guys, Im looking for pool of songs or software that plays playback on specific key (and different kind of music- blues, jazz, relaxed, funk, etc...) and practice improvising with it. I tried using youtube for playbacks but there are not many playbacks, it very finite. I will be happy for...
  17. Jazz and Improvisation
    How do jam sessions work? By that I mean, do people work off the real books? Is a particular tune in a particular key called out? Do people show up knowing the chord changes for jazz standards? I read--and it may have been in this forum--that back in the day Charlie Parker and others would weed...
  18. Practicing
    Has anyone noticed the difference between playing with or without ? drummer (bop/hardbop? Recently at the rehersal I noticed that playing without a drummer gives me more freedom in terms of rhythm. I am almost sure that this is not a drummers problem but my internal barrier. Playing with drums...
  19. Jazz and Improvisation
    Getting focus. You get ready for a 4 hour practice this afternoon. Your instrument is standing graciously in the practice room waiting for you; your reeds are neatly arranged on the table next to a bottle of 2 liters of fresh water. You’re ready for the ride when the email notification rings...
  20. Jazz and Improvisation
    Hi SOTW folks, I'm a saxophonist and educator in Seattle and I recently launched the Creative Music Blog at I will be posting tons of resources to help musicians play jazz and compose their own music. Some recent posts: Proof the Rhythm is More important that...