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  1. Tips and Techniques
    My highschool jazz band just preformed at a festival and we got 1st place with unanimous superior ratings. One of the judges there has worked with the best kids in the country that have gone on to preform with guys like winton marsalis and Joshua redman. I got to talk to the judge and he said...
  2. Jazz and Improvisation
    So I'm playing this funk chart in my jazz band and my section leader gave me the chord changes for the a solo and I have no idea what to do or what notes to play for the chord, the chord is G#mi7/C# and the price we are playing is in the key of A, I could really use the help
  3. Clarinet
    Hey I'm still in High School and I've recently gotten out of shape over the summer on clarinet. I was wondering if anyone would send me some advice in how to improve my tone and strengthen my embouchure. Any specific exercises or warm ups would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :D
1-3 of 3 Results