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  1. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
    Good day everybody. I recently came into the alto saxophone that is an absolutely stunning condition it looks to be brand new there's no tarnishing dents anything wrong with it whatsoever the pads look like they are factory fresh the whole thing looks factory fresh. So my biggest concern is that...
  2. Tenor mpc
    I play tenor saxophone and I need some help identifying a metal mouthpiece that I have been using. The mouthpiece lacks any kind of sign, title, name, or words that would help to identify it. It is a 7 star metal mouthpiece, and any help or suggestions as to what steps I need to take or what...
  3. Necks
    I recently purchased a True Tone (29-30) bari sax which came with a non-original neck. While I can play with this neck, the intonation is very poor as it's far too short a neck for the horn. I'm looking to purchase a new neck that works better, but I'd also like to know what the current one I...
  4. Eb Alto
    Hello. Can anyone help me identify the make (and perhaps even the model) of this saxophone? The artwork on the bell gives me an impression it's a Conn, but there are some tell-tale signs that say otherwise. I appreciate any help!
  5. Clarinet
    Bass clarinet has no apparent marking identifying the maker. Case has "Penn State Blue Band" stenciled (no pun) on it. Made from wood (grenadilla?), it is in very good shape other than a few dings on the bell & 1 sticky key. Images are a bit large, so here is a link to a slideshow of the...
  6. Misc. Saxophone Manufacturers
    Okay, I have a curved red and gold soprano saxophone it was simply bought of ebay as a fun type of thing, but id like to identify the brand all it has is an ebgraved alto-clef on the side also, the saxophone seems to be the wrong way round. for example, if you lie it on the ground, bell to the...
1-6 of 7 Results