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  1. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    Hello, everyone! I'm working on the Ibert: Concertino Da Camera, and I'm having a bit of trouble with playing the run in the first movement that ends in a Altissimo A. I'm not really struggling with the fingers or the altissimo itself, but the run is all staccato past the high D, so it...
  2. Composer/Composition
    Hi everybody, I'm an Italian saxophonist! In February, I will have an audition to play the "Concertino da Camera" of J.Ibert with the orchestra of my music academy. For the audition, I will play the piece with the piano. Because of the difficulty for the orchestra (there are some challenging...
  3. Classical Saxophone
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  4. Eb Alto
    hello, I am currently working on ibert's Conertino da Camera for my junior recital. I can play it just fine, but when it comes to the altissimo section, I am having issues. the fingerings I use can get the altissimo to sound, but its difficult to make the jump from f# to g# and A in time. I...
  5. Classical Saxophone
    If anyone is familiar with the cadenza in the Animata molto part of the piece. After the third fermata it is 2 lower eigth notes followed by two higher eigth notes. On the print of the solo i have all of the lower eigth notes have teardrop shaped accents below them and i heard a recording where...
1-5 of 5 Results