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  1. Recordings, Movies
    What's up guys? I'm starting a podcast and to kick it off I interviewed John Petrucelli -- a great tenor player in the Pittsburgh area. He starts off talking about his background, and then we cover three recent recordings he did.
  2. YouTube videos
    Very happy to share the opening track of my debut album The Way: my arrangement of I Hear a Rhapsody, featuring pianist Victor Gould and Gusten Rudolph! The album drops February 3rd, 2015. Recorded at Tedesco Studios in Paramus NJ.
  3. YouTube videos
    Hey guys, thanks for all the support in past months. Thought I'd share a video that was taken at a recent performance at the Blue Whale's outdoor summer series. There's a part to with the ending + drum solo as well. Thanks for watching! If you're in the LA area and interested, you can find...
1-3 of 3 Results