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  1. Miscellaneous
    Found this strange beast for sale on Mil Anuncios Sales Site (Spain). Anyone ever seen one of these? Reminds me of Eddie Harris's sax trumpet years ago.
  2. Misc. Accessories
    Greetings! Would anyone be interested in a Etsy Store or something similar that sold saxophone mutes? I am interested in starting one, but thought I would see how much interest there is beforehand. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Holton
    Hey, I'm Andrew. I just graduated high school & although I am aware that this is a saxophone forum, you guys seem to be knowledgeable about other instruments too. So I'm hoping you can help me figure out some history on my instrument. Google didn't help me much and Holton only told me things I...
  4. Olds
    Hello,people! I would like to know anything about Olds Studio saxophone. Tell me please about this horn,those who play on this sax. Sound? I hear that this sax stencil martin committee II.Is it true?
  5. Selmer (Paris)
    If everyone else gets an owner's club then so should we! I own a Reference 54 Flamingo. :) p.s - I do realize that that there are different versions of the limited models but due to the size of the poll, I had to generalize it.
  6. Sheet Music & Transcriptions
    We are playing at a Woodstock event in July with some other amateur bands. Every band covers about five songs of a band that once played at Woodstock and for this we have to cover Sly & The Family Stone. Our band consists of a horn section with Trumpet (Bb), Tenor Saxophone and Alto Saxophone...
  7. Recordings, Movies
    I heard a great song in a bar the other day. I used my Shazam app but there was too much background noise. It was Rock, bordering on Heavy Metal, but it had these awesome horn lines (mostly trumpet, I believe). It was completely instrumental. I know that's barely anything to go on, but any help...
1-7 of 11 Results