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home recording
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  1. Working Sax Pros
    A couple days ago I started responding to a post about home recording here on SOTW and realized that my response was getting long... VERY long. Also, it occurred to me that I've been giving similar advice to many of my friends who are brilliant musicians but know next to nothing about recording...
  2. Electronic Equipment
    Hi! I'm new to SOTW so I hope I posted this in the correct category. I play alto and tenor sax and want to get into home recording. I play at an intermediate level and would be recording sax, other wind instruments, and some vocals. I've done a lot of research and from what I think, these mics...
  3. SOTW Member Recordings & Reviews
    Hi all, I recently borrowed a Zoom H2N recorder from a friend, who asked me to do some recording and playtesting with it. Not that I'm an expert on that, but I frequently make home recordings with my Samson CO3U condensor USB microphone (linked to a laptop and Audacity software). I think both...
1-3 of 3 Results