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  1. Holton
    Hi there. I recently started playing an alto saxophone I bought on Ebay. It's an 80s Bundy II. It's bit rough but playable and I'm really enjoying playing. Getting better every day. I also have a 1935 Holton Ideal 405 trumpet in near perfect condition with original case. I thought a Holton...
  2. Holton
    Hi, I've got my Rudy on the way, and have been looking at other Rudy's for sale, just for comparison. What I was wondering, does someone know what finish my sax has? I have seen many silver plated Rudy's being described as "Satin" finish with shiny engraving. Is this the standard finish? I...
  3. Holton
    Hi everyone, I have a Rudy Wiedoeft alto I just purchased this weekend for a very good price I think, and expect it to arrive by next weekend. The seller stated it plays, but is tough to play on the low end, and would greatly benefit from some new pads at the very least. It seems to have tan...
  4. Holton
    Just acquired a Rudy Weideoft Alto with the original mouthpiece.
1-4 of 4 Results