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  1. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    Does anyone have any tips on getting past F# an octave past high F on alto?! I can sometimes hit G but not consistently. There is a classical piece that I would like to play, it goes up to a Bb(7). My goal is to play to a C(7) or higher.
  2. Tips and Techniques
    Hello everyone! I am a high school freshman that's just starting marching band and, sadly, I need tips on how to play notes higher than a high C for bass clarinet. I'm playing a B.C. from Yamaha and a 2 reed from Vandora, I've checked out other posts but they were only for high F (5th line) and...
  3. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    Hello everybody, I'm new in the forum. I started saxophone playing classical music, then I stopped and now I'm learning jazz saxophone. In particular, I've changed my way of playing: I don't roll my lower lip over my teeth as I did before, and I try to play without too much tension in my facial...
  4. Tips and Techniques
    Although I've been playing a number of years, my reading skills are certainly less than I'd like as I tend to use other methods to learn tunes and focus a lot on improvisation. But I've been working on my reading more recently and came up with this little tip. I have no idea if this is used by...
  5. Clarinet
    Dear Everyone, I've been having a hard time playing high notes above F on my Bb Bass Clarinet. I think it's my embouchure and I need tips on how to play any high notes above the high F. I've bought a new DARK Rovner ligature and a Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece for Bb Bass Clarinet, but it's still fairly...
  6. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    I play tenor, and I've always had trouble with tone and intonation on high notes (around middle A and up). For a long time I used to bite down on these notes, even though I knew it was a bad habit. I've weaned myself off the biting habit recently and I understand how to get air support from the...
  7. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hi everyone. Lately, I've been having a few issues with my saxophone. It started out with my high A coming out really spitty and unclear. This only happens after I play for a few minutes, and I can see spit coming out of the octave key hole (only when I play this note). Then more recently, my...
  8. Tips and Techniques
    I've been playing alto sax for about 5 years now, and lately I've been having a bit of a problem in the upper register. (Specifically high D, E, and F especially) Like any player, I assumed my sax had a leak or some other issue in it, but after having my repair guy look at it, and even after...
  9. Eb Baritone
    Hello guys, I started playing bari about 6 months ago and I've managed to develop a nice, rich bottom octave tone that I'm fairly happy with, but I find that my upper octave sounds a bit thin and weak. Has anyone got any tips on how to improve this tone? Cheers
  10. Bb Soprano
    I picked up the school's soprano a few days ago and have found it impossible to play the palm keys. It's a well-regulated Yamaha YSS-62 so the horn isn't the issue. When I play alto it is impossible for me to play the palm keys without biting and suffering the pain later on. On an alto...
  11. Tone Producing & Embouchure
    sorry, i found this topic somewhere else
  12. Altissimo and Multiphonics
    Play altissimo in NO TIME with Johnny Screecher's Extreme Sax Workouts method!
  13. General Mouthpiece Discussion
    Whenever I have blown into an alto mouthpiece, of varying tip sizes with different strengths of reeds, I have never been able to reach the desired "A" pitch without biting to an extent that is uncomfortable. I have experimented with every embouchure, tongue, and thoat configuration that I can...
  14. Tips and Techniques
    If any of you are looking for a way to make your sax playing a little more extreme, look no further than Johnny Screecher's upcoming Youtube tutorials; "Extreme Sax Workouts".
  15. Yamaha
    Hi, I am a new member and I have a question about my Yamaha Tenor Sax. I am a member of my school's jazz band and I am a strong player. But I have a problem. My high notes are extremely out of tune and it makes me sound bad, especially during improvisation. I sit next to a boy in class who plays...
1-15 of 15 Results