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  1. Eb Alto
    I've got a YAS-280 and the alternate high F or high E are not coming out. I can get high D to high F# using palm keys but when I use the alternate fingering (pearl F), the sax wheezes a low note. Any tips. I checked the tone hole and key and it seems to be opening when I press the key.
  2. Sax Repair, Maintenance and Modification
    Hello. I have a minuscule leak on the high F on my bari. However, due to its location on the neck, it affects about 2/3 of the notes I play. I don't have a car and dread having to carry that huge thing in the crowded subway + stairs. Is there a way to safely bend it or adjust it so it seals...
  3. Sopranino and Higher
    I have a Yani SN-981 Sopranino sax. It doesn't have an F palm key or a front high F key. Is it possible to play a high F using perhaps some sort of altissimo fingering and if so what might such a fingering look like? Thank you.
  4. Martin
    Hey All, I recently saw a martin bari for sale with a high f attachment added to it. I was wondering if this is actually effective. I've heard stories of other people doing this with their vintage conns and suddenly the rest of the horn doesn't resinate as well and the tuning is all screwy. That...
1-4 of 4 Results