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  1. Practicing
    Hi everybody, In these dark times we all can use a little blues to lighten the load. So I published my ALL blues play along track that I made with Daan Herweg a while ago. A beautiful duet with live piano so you can play along and have some fun at home :D. Wish you all the best and hope we...
  2. Practicing
    A topic which is not so often discussed, but very powerful. Hope you enjoy and that it adds something to your practice and playing :D
  3. Training Material
    Join me for the premiere of the 5 weeks summer saxophone challenge tomorrow morning. (Link below) Join the premiere here >> Dear saxophone friends, I'm very fortunate and happy that so many of you keep emailing me and letting me know your amazing progress and your stories and experiences...
  4. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hi ;) here is a first saxophone video lesson. Everything you need to get started on the saxophone with confidence in one step by step video. Have fun playing :)!
  5. Training Material
    A song and a lick - How to play beginners videos with, in-video, fingercharts Hi :D I Just started a new series on my YT channel called: - A song and a lick -. In each video I work out one song step by step. teaching the: melody, a solo starter and a hip Lick for each song. For the first...
  6. Training Material
    Hi all :) Made this lesson recently. When I first learned this, several years ago, it really opened up a whole world of possible new skills and ways of thinking about music and playing the sax. I Hope it does the same for you! :) More lessons on my Youtube channel and my website...
  7. Training Material
    Just posted a new free lesson on saxophone Bebop articulation on my YT Channel. I get a lot of questions about this subject so I thought I'd share it here also. Hope you enjoy :). All the best, FJ More at
  8. Embouchure & Tone Producing Basics
    Hi, I recently made this new video lesson about saxophone warm up exercises. Warming up consciously is great for your embouchure and tone and it's great if you want to keep your level up in times when you don't have enough time to really get down to business and practice for a long time...
  9. What to Buy & Why: Saxophones
    Hi :) What saxophone to buy and why? I get this question a lot so a while back I made a video about it for the Hello Saxophone YT channel: Hope it helps :). If you like my videos please subscribe to my YT channel. More lessons at
  10. Training Material
    This can be handy for the beginners who are starting to get to know the instrument. ".....excerpt from Hello Saxophone that might help with this...." It's very useful at this point to start to develop a good mental picture of the saxophone in your head. When you look at the saxophone you...
1-10 of 18 Results