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  1. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    Hi guys, My old teacher used to import these H-Couf sopranos into New Zealand. He play tested them all before selling them and found one that he fell in love with so much that he couldn't sell it (H-Couf Superba I 80xxx). 20ish years later and he sold it to my mate who rarely plays and lets me...
  2. Keilwerth/H-Couf
    I've got a stencil here that I haven't been able to find anywhere. I purchased it from Wichita Band about 4-5 years ago. Here's their description: "J. Keilwerth SX-90 baritone saxophone #65860, made in Germany about 1975. This one's engraved with Keilwerth's "Con Brio" stamp. The original...
1-2 of 3 Results